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Important Information

ICCD provides programing for community-based children through our integrated classes and through a variety of special education programs and services for children who have or are suspected of having a disability pursuant to Section 4410 of Article 89 of the Education Law. The special education services are at no direct cost to the parent. 

Services provided for preschool children who have a disability are based upon the individual needs of the preschool child found to have a disability, as determined by the Committee on Preschool Special Education of the local school district.

The local school district will determine the location where needed special education services will be provided, which may be the child's normal daytime setting.

Transportation may be a service provided to preschoolers with a disability, but parents are encouraged to transport their own children and may be reimbursed at a rate per mile or a public service fare established by the municipality and approved by the commissioner.

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